Collab with Jyoti Verhoeff

The singer Songwriter duo Jyoti Verhoeff invited me and Fieke van den Hurk to join them in the half finale of De Grote Prijs van Nederland” competition in Het Patronaat in Haarlem. We’re currently awaiting for the judges result. We’re currently occupying the 2nd place of the online voting part of the competition!


El Anterior – Performed on 101 key dance organ


Over a month ago I told a few of my friends that I wrote book during the holiday, a fictional story based on true events during the establishment of the Peace of Utrecht, the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and the preceding war. This wasn’t a lie. This book was to be presented on the opening night of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 in Museum Speelklok. So I invited these friends to come to my “book presentation”. They did. And when they did, they found out my book wasn’t an ordinary novel. On the contrary:
I wrote an organ book so that a big dance organ (built in 1927) could play my composition, my story. It’s called El Anterior, which means “The Preceding”. I appreciate a little joke from time to time. Luckily, so do my friends! :D

El Anterior

El Anterior

48-hour Film Project Rotterdam

Today I am participating in the 48-hour Film Festival in Rotterdam. Al of the sound design is done by me. I just finished running around in the forest with some audio recording gear. Now it’s off to the set to record more of the actors there. The movie is called “Weg” which is Dutch for, “Away” or “Gone”. It will be shown in a Rotterdam Cinema and afterwards it shall also be uploaded so I can share it with you.

Collab with Tonsofpaperbrokenpen for the game “The Flock”

Have you heard about the Dutch Indiegame development team Vogelsap? They’re creating this eerie and awesome new game, The Flock. Together with their composer Felix Pulmano, also known as Tonsofpaperbrokenpen, I am producing the theme song for this game. It’s going to be epic and beautiful and will soon be released!


1221 by Phenomenon Group a great success!

The physical free-roaming binaural experience was a very successful project. With only one day to let people play the game and people standing in line for the attraction, just a few were given a chance to experience it. We hope that one day we can rebuild the installation for a longer period of time so that we can reach a larger audience.

1221 takes place in a fully furnished eerie room where one can walk around to find an object. The narrative is explained through binaural audio. As lead programmer and assistant sound designer on this out-of-control-schoolproject, I am technically responsible for throwing the player in a world of suspense and full immersion.

The audio team, consisting of Timothy Scheek and myself, had a few months to research the possibilities and limitations of implementing binaural audio in a free roaming world. The research basically taught us, that in this day and age, a next to perfect binaural reproduction in a free roaming setting is simply impossible. Thousands of sub-factors contribute to the quality of binaural audio. Alas, way too much to implement them all in a fully adaptive and interactive game environment where multiple distinguishable sound sources are needed.

The serious CPU limitations forced us to make a lot of compromises in the versatility of the binaural audio, while trying to prosecute the quality standard of testers being able to point out where a sound came from. In the end we succeeded in balancing between high fidelity and CPU-“Friendliness”. People where very impressed with the audio and I am very, very pleased with the result.

If only we could bring this to the masses…