24-hours Hogelandsymphonie (Jacob Lekkerker)

Playing the bell in Zuurdijk

Got a call from Jacob Lekkerkerker who was in need of a percussionist to climb the bell-tower of the Church in Zuurdijk and play the bell (weighing a whopping 669 kilo’s) for his 24 hour lasting concert. So a few weeks later there I was, musically conversing with electronic artist and guitarist Alfredo Genovesi. Filling the air in the church and it’s near vicinity with some very nice soundscapes with a total of 11.5 hours spent in the tower… -what an experience! Very surreal and dreamy. There’s was nice article about the happening in the local (and therefor Dutch) paper.


El Anterior – Performed on 101 key dance organ


Over a month ago I told a few of my friends that I wrote book during the holiday, a fictional story based on true events during the establishment of the Peace of Utrecht, the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and the preceding war. This wasn’t a lie. This book was to be presented on the opening night of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 in Museum Speelklok. So I invited these friends to come to my “book presentation”. They did. And when they did, they found out my book wasn’t an ordinary novel. On the contrary:
I wrote an organ book so that a big dance organ (built in 1927) could play my composition, my story. It’s called El Anterior, which means “The Preceding”. I appreciate a little joke from time to time. Luckily, so do my friends! 😀

El Anterior

El Anterior

Prize won for composition for organ!

I’m very happy to share with you that the jury and also the audience voted for me to win both prizes in the composition competition in Museum Speelklok last week. I won a passe-partout to the Gaudeamus Feestweek where at the opening my last composition, Gypsy Travel, will be played on the fairground organ De Schuyt. I also won the privilege to compose another piece for another organ for 500 euros. Thanks to all my friends for their support!