On Top Of The World

Bob Thole, the composer of this crazy awesome project asked me to play the percussion in his soundtrack. Have a peek!



Darabuka for Droomvergunning

Two Dutch documentary makers, Paula Vonhof and Caroline Keman made Droomvergunning. A moving documentary about children in an asylum center was the outcome. With music by Lotte Sterk. She asked me to play santoor and doumbeck in her compositions. We played them at a promotional gig in Amsterdam and recorded them in the studio for the documentary itself.


Collab with Tonsofpaperbrokenpen for the game “The Flock”

Have you heard about the Dutch Indiegame development team Vogelsap? They’re creating this eerie and awesome new game, The Flock. Together with their composer Felix Pulmano, also known as Tonsofpaperbrokenpen, I am producing the theme song for this game. It’s going to be epic and beautiful and will soon be released!