Since the age of six I played percussion, followed years of lessons in it and also had one year of trumpet lessons. Making simple MIDI music at the age of 13 and playing in several bands and orchestras made my interest in music grow further and further.

When turned 16 I started my four-year study Music Engineering at the Mediacollege of Amsterdam. In that period I learned a whole lot about audio, recording, performing and music altogether.

I graduated at age 19 and started a new study at the High School of Art in Utrecht, Composition for the Media played in several ensembles with regular performances both national and international. Switched study after two years, and after another two years graduated as Composer and Sound Designer for Adaptive Systems.

I compose music for Commercials, Documentary’s or Movies, but specialize in Games and other non-linear media such as Websites or other Interactive Experiences. When composing I usually combine acoustic sources of world-music instruments with electronic sounds.