DGI Exhibit promotional video Voice Over

Lemaire Creative Branding produced the promotional video for the next Digital Graphics Group International convention in Amsterdam in 2016. I did the voice over for it!


The Flock

The Dutch Indie-game developer Vogelsap is releasing on of the most awesome, award-winning horror multiplayer games they call The Flock. It’s an asymmetrical online multiplayer game that boasts a challenging new mechanic and brings the eeriest audible tension to the player. Immersive! The Sound Design, brilliantly done by Elephant Ears, now has my voice as the game’s creepy main character: the Flock!Concept Art The Flock by Vogelsap

Explaining the Fancy Freddy the Fairy Fetcher game

In 2012 I’ve made a physical audiogame with a few classmates using the ceiling speakers of the schools PA system. It turned out a whole lot of fun to play and watch. I programmed the 1 dimensional game engine, the artificial intelligence and was the voice over, narrating the game.