2013 – Unusual Song “Lit”

The harmonic movement of this song is solely dependent on a simple algorithm that was based on an analysis of the harmonic lines of a series of Bulgarian folk songs. Like a Markov chain. I made it in Max so that I could directly import the midi induced chords in my DAW.

Harmonic algorhythm

2013 – Unusual Song “Beautiful Thief”

For this song I used Max to create a simple granular synthesizer, which I controlled using a light sensor with a lamp to scroll through a vocal sample and a single fader to set the length of the grains.

2012 – Algorithmic Composition: Tainted

“Floating notes with a free will”

An algorithmic composition using Minecraft as input, MAX/MSP to manage the ruleset and Logic as output. To see the making-of, please click the link in the video.

2012 – Scanning Paintings for music

“Let the painting speak for itself”

Making music with a painting.
Scrolling through some musical material in Jackson Pollock’s painting: Summertime.
Max/MSP’s Jitter scans the colors in the painting and makes several instruments play.

One of the two reverbs used is actually not the reverb of an acoustic room, in fact it’s the reverb from an string-instrument called Santoor. it gives a beautiful long, tonal reverb.

2012 – Explaining Fancy Freddy the Fairy Fetcher Game

In 2012 I’ve made a physical audiogame with a few classmates using the ceiling speakers of the schools PA system. It turned out a whole lot of fun to play and watch. I used MAX MSP 5 to control the AI of the fairy’s in the game and almost every other aspect of the game.


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