2015 – Parne Gadje

Since early 2014 I’ve been playing together with the band Parne Gadje. A group of skilled virtuosos with a passion for music. With influences from balkan, middle east, and hints of punk here and there now the band can also put organic electronics to that list. Using audio recorded on the streets, in nature, around the house, or synthesised digitally in whatever way possible, I feed the ears of the audience an additional layer of sound to the story the the band is already telling. I program every digital instrument to play with live. Every now and then I also just grab an acoustic instrument to play with. Varying from qarquabou, to santoor, from jawharp to doumbeck. Otherwise the usual sounds of mercedes 508 engines, throatsinging, falling gravel, crashing metal trash or granular synthesis of breaking wine glasses are performed with. An awesome blend. For me it’s the first group to perform with using a laptop and some form of digital controlling and I’m loving it.Parne Gadje Coverphoto

In the meantime we’ve done shows at several festivals and theatre’s and collaborations with De Waterlanders among others. Always a blast with these lads!

2015 – 24-hours Hogelandsymphonie (Jacob Lekkerker)

Playing the bell in Zuurdijk

Got a call from Jacob Lekkerkerker who was in need of a percussionist to climb the bell-tower of the Church in Zuurdijk and play the bell (weighing a whopping 669 kilo’s) for his 24 hour lasting concert. So a few weeks later there I was, musically conversing with electronic artist and guitarist Alfredo Genovesi. Filling the air in the church and it’s near vicinity with some very nice soundscapes with a total of 11.5 hours spent in the tower… -what an experience! Very surreal and dreamy. There’s was nice article about the happening in the local (and therefor Dutch) paper.

2015 – Droomvergunning

Darabuka for Droomvergunning

For the documentary Droomvergunning I played the darabuka and santoor. Composer Lotte Sterk asked me to join the team of great musicians to do one gig to promote the documentary and the music in the documentary itself. With a middle-eastern feel combined with Dutch Hiphop we play the transitioning and background music on the screen. Droomvergunning tells the tale of the rough life of a young boy that is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan.


2015 – The Flock – Voice Acting

The Dutch Indie-game developer Vogelsap is releasing on of the most awesome, award-winning horror multiplayer games they call The Flock. It’s an asymmetrical online multiplayer game that boasts a challenging new mechanic and brings the eeriest audible tension to the player. Immersive! The Sound Design, brilliantly done by Elephant Ears, now has my voice as the game’s creepy main character: the Flock!Concept Art The Flock by Vogelsap

2015 – On Top Of The World

Bob Thole, the composer of this crazy awesome project asked me to play the percussion in his soundtrack. Have a peek!

2013 – Musical saw with Jyoti Verhoeff

The singer Songwriter duo Jyoti Verhoeff invited me and Fieke van den Hurk to join them in the half finale of De Grote Prijs van Nederlandcompetition in Het Patronaat in Haarlem.


2013 –  Percussion for shortfilm

In this movie, of which the music is composed by Dennis Braunsdorf, I play the percussion sounds. These include Tapan, chime, cajon and bowed cymbal. The actual movie itself was shown on the Nederlands Film Festival among many others.

2013 – Live film music seminar

During a school seminar about “The Silent Movie” we got to play our composition Live for an existing short film called The Black Hole (2008). My task in this one-taker ensemble was playing musical saw, software synthesizer and bowed chime.


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