2014 – 48 Hour Film Project Breda – “Gedicht”

Gedicht, or Ode, is the name of the shortfilm we made with Team Doewet again in March 2014 for the 48 Hour Film Project Breda. During this project I was the Composer and Sound Designer. The movie needed very atmospherical music with some razor sharp edges. During the Award Ceremony this movie was granted with Best Director and Best Sound Design for which I’m very proud.

2014 – Maandag® – “Take the Wheel”

This company asked to do a remix of their song to make it more appropriate for in a club. They liked it so much they also used it in a montage afterwards.

This is the entire remix:

2013 – El Anterior

A composition I made for the opening night of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 on the 2nd of september in Museum Speelklok in the theme of the Treaty of Utrecht and the preceding war. An actual organ book was produced for this composition to make it able to be played on the dance organ built by Theophile Mortier in 1927.

For a small anecdote of the performance on the opening night, click here.

2013 – “Unusual” Songs

2012 – Algorithmic Composition: Tainted

“Floating notes with a free will”

An algorithmic composition using Minecraft as input, MAX/MSP to manage the ruleset and Logic as output. To see the making-of, please click the link in the video.

2012 – Scanning Paintings for music

“Let the painting speak for itself”

Making music with a painting.
Scrolling through some musical material in Jackson Pollock’s painting: Summertime.
Max/MSP’s Jitter scans the colors in the painting and makes several instruments play.

One of the two reverbs used is actually not the reverb of an acoustic room, in fact it’s the reverb from an string-instrument called Santoor. it gives a beautiful long, tonal reverb.

2012 – Goggletown

These compositions I made for the game Goggletown, artwork by Saskia Schoonebeek

2012 – Kailangan Ko Tumae

An atmospheric serial twelve-tone composition. Atonal ambience.

2011 – Het Meisje in Haar Eentje

Polyritmical story to be told about a little girl. This track was created together with two of my dear classmates.

2011 – Find 4

A blend of sheepish sounds with a bike-wheel, Alphorns, a Kora and a Santoor. Confined on an irregular beat.

2010 – One Miserable Midnight

Composed for a friend who is no longer with us.

2009 – Jawel

Hanneke Sielcken on harp.

2009 – Science of Causality

Experimental track using beer bottles, a singing speech function in OSX, and some other synths ‘n samples.